Quality & Purpose of Care

The Children for whom we provide care and accommodation

We provide care and accommodation for boys and girls, aged between 8-18, with a range of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Our Ethos and the Outcomes we aim to achieve

We believe that “every child deserves a champion”.

We ensure that each child that lives with us receives a high level of care and support from a staff team of champions. This means, as individuals, we treat each child with unconditional positive regard and, as a team, we have high expectations and aspirations for all.

We aim to:

  • Ensure Young People live in a place that provides safety and security and allows children to be children.
  • Establish a group living environment that builds connection; where young people and the staff team feel a sense of belonging.
  • Empower young people to be involved in their care; recognising that by working together we will achieve more.
  • Support personal development for young people and professional growth for the team.

To achieve this we ensure the safety of the child is at the forefront of everything that we do. We provide a relational based and trauma-informed approach where emphasis is placed upon building and maintaining relationships, and seeking to repair them when things go wrong. We ensure a sense of belonging and work in collaboration with the young people. We recognise their strengths and listen to and act upon the views of the child and other key people in their lives.

We provide bespoke care, to meet the wide ranging needs of the young people, including behavioural and emotional regulation. We have a suitably skilled and experienced team to ensure that this can be achieved using a PACE informed approach.

Ultimately, the support will allow young people to be safe, have good health and achieve in education (and/or Training & Employment), and will help them to develop the necessary skills to thrive through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.

We recognise the importance of ensuring young people are looked after by a team of adults who possess the necessary qualities. This includes resilience, having an enthusiasm for the role, and a desire towards continued professional development. Most importantly, every member of the Team has a passion to make a positive impact on the lives of the children we look after.